Princes’ Islands, Istanbul 3/13

Today, my friend Chris and I took the ferry from the Europe side of Istanbul (Karaköy) to the Asian Side (Kadikoy). I saw people on the upper deck with me feeding the seagulls simit (a Turkish sesame seed bagel type snack) and it was hilarious and happy-making (though I can’t vouch for the health of birds eating simits, they seemed thrilled).

Once landing at Kadikoy, we explored Moda – a very cute ‘hood on the Asian side and one I’d like to return to. Ate a (delicious) snack at the all vegan Yuzu and attempted, unsuccessfully, to find a statue of a cat.

From there, we took an unexpectedly long ferry ride stopping at each of the Princes’ Islands, disembarking at the final and largest island, Büyükada.

After a quick beer and a 5-cat sighting, we walked around town looking for Ottoman style houses. We didn’t have enough time before the last ferry departed at 6pm to see the house Trotsky lived in when he fled Russia before he settled in Mexico, but there’s always next time.

Long day of ferry travel and mask wearing, but every bit of Istanbul is a delight to discover and I had a great day. Not just laughing at the seagulls and eating simits, but visiting beautiful Ottoman architecture and exploring new-to-me areas of Istanbul.

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